Janet Devlin ‘Sweet Child Of Mine’ X Factor UK Live Show Week 3

Janet Devlin performed her version of Guns N’ Roses track ‘Sweet Child Of Mine‘ during the live show of the X Factor.

Tulisa told the Janet after her performance: “Janet that is a massive rock song but for me that didn’t feel very rocky tonight, that’s not to say it wasn’t good, but it wasn’t rocky. I think that the vocals were great, but I didn’t get that rocky edge from you. I still haven’t seen you do that edgy up-tempo performance and I think you are capable of it so I’d like to see you do it.”

Louis said: “Janet when I heard you were singing this I thought you were going to be so out of your comfort zone but you’re not. I loved the whole arrangement of the song and the thing about you is your voice, you have a very pure amazing voice.”

Kelly added: “Janet I am so proud, you came out here with great personality and delivered a rock song and you killed it baby.”

And Gary raved: “Janet that was simply beautiful and gorgeous, well done. “I really like to see you moving around, it’s the first time we’ve seen you leave the mic stand. It was a great performance, well done.”

Watch Janet Devlin ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ video below

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